Cincinnati/Bone Marrow We will be going here in about six weeks. I THINK I posted the link correctly. I believe this will happen Or, I failed with upload which I believed was easy peasy. When I think of those East End lights, muggy nights Curtains drawn in the little room downstairs Prima Donna Lord you really … [Read more…]

This Could Be A Long Post

It’s been many days since I’ve written. I really don’t know where to start, so I’m going to write this for Ashton, himself. You, my dear, have had quite a ride. In fact, you rode in a fire truck. There were fields of corn, wheat, rye and soy and country music. Well, there weren’t fields … [Read more…]


I have maintained a strong sense that a reliance on Science will see us through this. ( Science even rhymes with reliance) Who can argue with THAT? I have flirted with both religion and spirituality in the last decade. Yes, I believe them to be different. Then, I found myself in a situation where religion … [Read more…]


I feel I have been remiss in responding to comments on this blog. To be honest, I just figured out there was an entire page of comments I have never read. I know, for certain, I have been negligent when it comes to thanking people for donations. I remember my manners almost, usually, kind of … [Read more…]

On The Rise

I’ve had a two night break. This morning I woke to very good news. Ashton’s neutrophil count is 40! I am very hopeful we will leave here Friday. I reminded the doctor of our homecoming Fire Fighter deal on Saturday and I believe they will really push him to get out. If it were not … [Read more…]

The Wrong Batch

Platelets are funky. The last two times have been scary in that Ashton’s body does not necessarily want foreign platelets. He needs them. However, he has had an allergic reaction(x2) and that’s scary. Doc says it may just be the batch. He was shaking, nurse was shaky, I was shaky. Ryan came and distracted him … [Read more…]

Waiting For Neutrophils

These damned Monocytes are very fickle. Up and down, up and down, like teenagers. Or, like Ashton. Hell, like ME. If all goes well, we will be sprung by day 33 this time. However, this room confinement is enough to make a grown man cry on Round Two. I already dread Round Three and God … [Read more…]

Looking Forward

After having a very beautiful ceremony with my daughter in Winnetka and spending some funny, funny times with both my older children (back-to-back Simpsons with B.), I am back in Dayton after pulling an all-nighter with my mother. We arrived around 3:15am in order to grab some sleep to be somewhat conscious for my appointment … [Read more…]

C’mon, baby.

Fever. Mouth Ulcers. Monocytes. Platelets. shaking. Which of these things are not like the other? Monocytes. I am no longer bothering with punctuation or sentence structure. I am asking my brother to structure this tired thing. mon·o·cyte /ˈmɒnəˌsaɪt/ Show Spelled [mon–uh-sahyt] noun /Cell Biology . This is a large, circulating white blood cell formed in … [Read more…]