I want to make something perfectly clear. I have been called “mean”. This is not the forum I would have used to discuss this, but since my PERSONAL forum has been hijacked, most people who know me KNOW that I do NOT back down. Anyone who uses this forum for their personal needs should realize … [Read more…]

This Is WAY Important

I overcame my anxiety and drove to Cincy today. I left with Ashton 40 minutes early because I know my propensity to get lost. This was a big deal in many ways. I was so riled up but keeping it under wraps for Ash. We drove an hour there (the speed limit). We were a … [Read more…]

This Is Important

Well, I think so. Ashton is dictating this post. Mommy is the worst fisher ever. She could never catch a fish. Her line got caught in a tree and a bush. Now bunny wants to say something: I carried the worms. Mom touched a worm, but I refused to do it. Mom did not like … [Read more…]