First Day Up

 And Flexing his muscles. Engraftment is most definitely underway. Still have a long road, but the grade is much less steep. Let’s go, Little Man! It won’t be long til you see the sun! Love, Mommy


CINCINNATI — Devon Still won’t have an opportunity to record a sack this weekend, but he’s rooting for his teammates to bring down Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco often. Here’s why. In an effort to help raise money and awareness about pediatric cancer, the Cincinnati Bengals‘ practice-squad defensive tackle coordinated a fundraising drive that correlates … [Read more…]

Early Signs

Underneath all these terrible fevers ’round the clock, sleeping ’round the clock, being on oxygen, cooling blanket, morphine pump,high BP, high heart rate, vomiting every half hour due to Mucositis ( ulceration of the mucous membranes lining his esophagus/ digestive tract, as a result of round 4 chemotherapy) as well as the plethora of medications he is on. There is a LIGHT … [Read more…]


Some comments have indicated they don’t want this blog to be about me. And the people who comment seem angry. That’s ok. Everyone has a different experience with this disease with a different child. I certainly do not mean to offend. This is meant to tell about what happened here. It is meant to remind me … [Read more…]


If you find yourself in the wrong story, leave. Or give the book to somebody else. I didn’t make that up. I read it somewhere, in someone else’s story. I just woke up with that cantering through my (now sufficiently medicated!) sleep-deprived brain. I’ve always been able to eventually leave the wrong plotline. Sometimes it … [Read more…]

Coming In Sideways

It’s definitely been an uphill climb. More like a side-step on skis up a double black when you’ve lost a pole. Sideways and over and down a little and a long stretch. You finally reach the stray pole, then it slides again so you also slide back down a little. By then you are exhausted and you … [Read more…]