Acronyms, Antibiotics and Anxiety

NTP– Supplementary Feeding used to treat malnutrition rates which exceed 15%. Doctor has ordered this after Megase was used to stimulate his appetite unsuccessfully TPA– Tissue Plasminogen Activator is a protein which helps to break down blood clots. His TPA is currently ordered and will hopefully unblock the line so he can receive his Chemo … [Read more…]


Imagine pouring poison in to your child’s cup and telling him it won’t hurt him. It leaves a Munchausen By Proxy taste in one’s mouth.  That’s how I feel about Chemo after today. Give the child poison! It will make him feel better? We are starting to see some signs of wear and tear on … [Read more…]

Good News

This morning we found out that Ashton does not have cancerous cells in his spine! This is the greatest news! Also, he is already responding to the chemo based on his counts. It was not easy to give his first treatment yesterday as they utilized the port for the first time. He is really sick … [Read more…]

Pediatric Rapid Response To Room 420

Ashton came through with his port implant, spinal and first injection yesterday very well…until…he woke from anesthesia   in a bad way. They called me in to recovery  and he was beside himself. He was, understandably, on oxygen and began to calm down slowly while he rested on me. When they wheeled us back upstairs, I … [Read more…]